Posts in English

Here you can find a selection of Mogens Lykketoft’s posts and other activities in English:

Dangerous Changes in China Policy

22nd of March 2023

Where are we on the SDGs?

4th of March, 2023

The Paths to Peace are Few, Narrow and Uncertain

15th of February, 2023

Election Time in Denmark and the US

Podcast in English on the difference between the election systems in Denmark and the US and more. 25th of October, 2022

Consider me a Concerned Optimist on Denmark’s Energy Islands

Interview in Impakter, 22nd of August, 2021

Urgent Recommendation to De-escalate NATO-Russia Military Risks

8th of December, 2020

Stop Global Warming Now!

19th of October, 2020

Is Europe’s Future Green or Black?

21st of May, 2020

Post Corona: Countries Must Invest Heavily in the Future

30th of March, 2020

Letter of Concern to all Governments of Europe

27th of February, 2020